Managing Expectations

Posted in Spritely by Dimitri on February 16, 2010

The tech press is gushing about Windows Phone 7 Series. To paraphrase nearly every review I’ve read so far:

Microsoft, whose Windows Mobile OS is the flaming bag on the doorstep that the company refuses to stomp out, wowed everyone today by showing a demo of something that didn’t totally suck.

The bar is currently set so low for Microsoft that anything new and different gets a huge reaction out of the press. It was the same with Windows 7 (Vista sucked, 7 didn’t suck as much, hooray Microsoft).

Remember, Microsoft is the largest, wealthiest software developer in the world. Why are they getting the underdog treatment?

Now compare that sentiment to the tepid reaction to the iPad by those same journalists. For Apple, whose track record is in creating amazing products, putting out another solid product that didn’t reinvent the wheel was considered a negative.

For Microsoft, simply not tripping over their own shoelaces is seen as a major win.

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