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Posted in Spritely by Dimitri on February 16, 2010

Almost 4 years ago, Microsoft demoed a new feature of Windows Mobile which would allow Xbox Live integration. Engadget said:

Microsoft’s new Live Anywhere that they announced at today’s E3 keynote takes their Xbox Live concept and extends it to the PC, Windows Mobile and even Java-enabled phones. Whether you’re at your PC or rocking a mobile, you’ll be able to track your gamer tag, message friends, purchase content for that device or set it to download to another device, and of course compare rankings with your buddies on various gaming titles. Halo isn’t going to run so well on your RAZR, so for actual cross platform titles, Microsoft is sticking with XBLA-esque games that can translate easily to different platform, such as Bejeweled.

This system never appeared.

Yesterday, they revealed the same feature, but this time integrated into Windows Phone 7. From Gizmodo’s rave review of WP7S:

I’ll admit, I very nearly needed to change my pants when I saw the Xbox tile on the phone for the first time. Obviously, you’re not going to be playing Halo 3 on your smartphone (at least not this year), but yes, Xbox Live on a phone! It’s tied to your Live profile, and there are achievements and gamer points for the games you can play on your phone, which will be tied to games back on your Xbox 360.
If Microsoft’s got an ace-in-hole with Windows Phone 7, it’s Xbox Live.

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